Lucky Nine

If your one of the players that is fond or say addicted to play baccarat you might as well try to play lucky nine. Lucky Nine can be played by anyone. Actually, unlike any gambling card games, lucky nine can be played for fun by families at their homes. If you are interested in earning money, lucky nine is available in casinos. Card games are part of every casino maybe because it is addicting and with some skills, it is easily win.

Lucky nine is a good alternative game for baccarat. It’s somewhat similar to play. The main objective in this game is for the player to have a total card points closer to a value of nine or nine itself. If the total of the player’s cards is more than nine, this value should be subtracted to ten then the difference should be the value of the card; example, the player has a nine and an eight that has a total of seventeen, subtract it to ten, the value now is seven. The values of the cards are same as the game of baccarat; aces are equivalent to one (1) point, two to nine are equivalent to their face values, ten and jack’s queen’s and kings are equivalent to ten (10) points.

Lucky Nine

Jokers are not used in the game. Same as baccarat, lucky nine is usually played in an oval table with a dealer and the players. The number of players differs from the casino to which the player is playing. To start the game, the dealer makes ready of the cards, shuffles it then places it in the shoe to which the card can be drawn without the dealer holding the deck. Each players then places their bets on the lucky nine table. When all players are finished placing their bets, the dealer will then draw two cards from the shoe per player. Two face down cards will be given by the dealer starting from his right to left. The players and the banker will then look at their respective hands.

If one player has a total of nine, he must consider himself lucky because it is a ‘natural’ win especially if the dealers hand is not natural. The player will win and his bet is paid. But if both the player and the dealer has a ‘natural’, a ‘tie’ or ‘stand-off’ is called then the player’s bet is returned to him. In cases when the dealer has a natural and no one has, the dealer wins and collects all the bets in the table. Without a natural, the game proceeds between the player and the dealer.

Each of them can declare if they will ‘stand’ or ‘hit’. Stand meaning the player is contented with the total value in hand. Hit meaning the players want to draw another card in desire to have a closer value to nine. Unlike baccarat, lucky nine has no restrictions in drawing a third card. This is where the fun of lucky nine begins. It’s up to the player to strategize their way to win.
Bear in mind that no hands should receive more than three hands and in some ways, declaring a ‘hit’ is not always favorable to the players hand.

For example, the players hand has a total of five, then he decided to hit, if the third card that he draw has a value of seven, it only decreases his chance of winning, instead of standing on five, he now plays with the value of two. Card games like baccarat and Lucky Nine are games of chances but with analogy and quite mathematical skill, one can easily win this game.

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